Paul Rawden

Born: 23/01/86

PSA WR: 195
Height: 5ft 11
Weight: 11 stone
Birthplace: Redhill
Residence: Redhill
Racket: Eye x.lite 110
Sponsors: Eye, HTN,
Interests: Travelling, bonsai trees, Walking in the english countryside; reading autobiographies, Peter Creed
Clubs: ST Georges Hill, Trojans, Cumberland, Cardiff.
1. When did you start playing? 9yrs old
2. Favourite Shot? Forehand Kill
3. Best/favourite career win? Chris Truswell, Edinburgh Open
4. Fondest Squash memory? British Junior Opens
5. Funniest moment in squash? a PSA player (not to be named) accidentally throwing his racket out of the court and it hitting a spectator! Plus anything when Peter Creed is involved.
6. 3 all time favourite players? Jonathon Power, Brett Martin, Rodney Eyles
7. Sporting Icons? Was Lance Armstrong! Dean Karnazes (ultramarathon runner)..Has run 350 miles without sleep, took 80 hours!!

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