Nada El Kalaawy

HTN Pro Team Bio


Name: Nada Elkalaawy
Date of Birth: 22/5/1995
World Ranking: 110
Birthplace: Alexandria, Egypt
Residence: London, England
Racquet: Prince
Sponsors: Prince, HTN
Coach: Phil Rushworth

1. When did you start playing? When I was 5 years old as far as I can remember
2. Favourite shot? Forehand Volley kill
3. Best/favourite career win? 3rd place British junior open under 17, ATCO junior open champion.
4. Fondest squash memory? Playing in the PSL final for the winning team Integrity Surrey
5. Funniest moment in squash? Being hit with the opponent’s racquet in my face during a rally
so I stopped to wipe my eye goggles then turned around to find out that the ref gave me a
conduct stroke!
6. Three all time favourite players? Nicol David, Amr Shabana and Ramy Ashour
7. Sporting Icons/Inspirations? Michael Phelps and Roger Federer


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