About Hit The Nick

Directors Peter Madsen and Rory Brickell started running Hit The Nick from Truro Squash & Racketball and expanded due to healthy, growing demand. With Peter’s entrepreneurial flair for business and Rory’s squash and racketball knowledge, they decided Hit The Nick could be a platform that showcased Squash & Racketball in a new, vibrant aura.

Hit The Nick Limited was set up in November 2012 as a retail site, aimed at bridging the gap between full blown retail store and information site. The HTN site was designed to introduce and bring together elements of squash and racketball seen by the few and showcase these to the worldwide audience, in an effort to enthuse visitors about the best elements of each sport.

Hit The Nick retails solely squash and racketball equipment. We hope this factor will aid finding what you want quicker, easier and with less effort than most generic racket retail websites.

We base our day-to-day business around quality, NOT quantity and hope this passion manifests itself through your computer screen. We mirror this with our stock as we only sell unique and innovative products.

At Hit The Nick, we try and test as much of our stock as possible. We also like to get others to review and inform us about products whether they are professionals, coaches or players. This is done to bring you, the customer, the best possible information and deliver it through the most appropriate and highest quality form of media.

We deliver quality equipment which can be used by consumers ranging from beginners to elite at a price range which we hope is competitive and affordable. We find nothing more satisfying than making a customer happy with their purchase through an informed decision.

Hit The Nick is delighted to announce that we have partnered with England Squash & Racketball, PSA Squash TV and 305 Squash. We believe that teaming up with other like- minded companies and organisations is paramount for our customers. We offer a healthy 10% discount for ESR members and discounts with PSA Squash TV. Keep a look out for these!

We are HUGE enthusiasts of both squash and racketball. Whether that’s watching, playing, reading or sponsoring we are passionate about our sports!

We have a relaxed style of going about things and don’t take ourselves too seriously! We like to laugh (a lot!) so keep us up to date with any of your fun squash stories, photos or videos!

Above all HTN values your feedback. Just send us an email to info@hitthenick.com. We’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas and more.


4 thoughts on “About Hit The Nick

  1. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/olympics-decision-opportunity-world-squash-nallaseth-ph-d-?published=t
    The Olympics Decision: an Opportunity for The World of Squash?

    The Olympics Decision is an Opportunity for Squash Players to Draw On Their Exceptional Resilience, Adaptability, Smarts & Media Savvy!

    We all feel the pain! Either now or soon it is time to draw on the Hallmarks of the game – adapt and push! By re-focusing on the real inbuilt problems in the game Squash can be vaulted onto new plains that will take it far beyond the 188 nations and 25 million players it owns – let alone the Olympics! It can become a sport where our best players can take their rightful positions in all forums and besides all Champions! But to do this we should neither be thinking about the next Olympics nor the one after but the ones that come way down the line. This will require taking care of its current ‘televisual’ problems in communication and in whatever way they need to be approached! For example by harnessing new Visual Sciences, positive results in the bids for the Olympics will follow! Current projection technologies are about as useful for solving the problem that Squash faces as a Model T would be when Saturn V Rocket Science is needed!

    Again as the polls leading up to the decision had indicated, it was amply clear that the Olympic committee would fi​nd visually engaging or ‘televisual’ sports with higher revenue returns preferable to Squash. Again and as they have for the last 60 years or so they did​! This means the smallest details on the court need to be visualized and effectively televised. This requires recruiting the latest in Neurosciences, Computation, Bioengineering and imaging. All these details have been elaborated in detail in these links:

    (1) http://www.dailysquashreport.com/7_6_15_ferez.htm

    (2) http://www.squashsite.co.uk/2009/carteblanche/Ferez%20Nallasethapril2014.htm

    These problems facing Squash and leading to the repeated rejection of its bids for inclusion

    ​in ​the Olympics will not be solved by enthusiasm, stoicness, apps, administrative & public relations innovations or proper decorum. It will need a new resolve, political will and smart applications of basic science! We urge the leadership in the game, namely ​WSF President Narayan Ramachandran, PSA CEO Alex Gough, US Squash CEO Kevin Klipstein and others to re-consider the direction in which we are headed.

    Very truly yours,


    Ferez S. Nallaseth, Ph.D.

  2. Stalemate? Is Squash excluded by the World of Sports or does it have HUGE PROBLEMS in its ‘televisual’ capacities? Try a simple experiment – at the US Open! Ferez S. Nallaseth, PhD.10.7.2015.pdf



    “Do a simple experiment to convince yourself of just one of the many limitations of Squash TV the next time you are at an event like the NetSuite Open. If it is organized like the US Open at Drexel there will be a Squash TV Screen right above the Front/Back Wall. Track the ball to and off the front wall on that screen and then nearly simultaneously track the ball to and off the front wall on the court in real time. You will find that in the 6″ to ~1 foot coming off that front wall the ball disappears on the screen but not in real time on the court viewed with your eye. That is because Squash TV has low resolution, speed and definition and has lost the ball at its highest velocity!!! It is happening in spades, all the time and in all segments of the court! It not only involves balls but also the fine moves of the players, and subtle flicks of rackets all over the court.”

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