HitTheNick.com – From The Beginning

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First and foremost, welcome to the blog. As a first blog post, we decided the pre-amble up to the point of “soft launching”, was a story in itself, worthy of the notable accolade “blog post!”.

As a newly established e-commerce entity, it has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. Now HitTheNick.com is live and kicking on the WWW, we would firstly like to thank everyone involved so far, for what could be seen as a “zero to 100 miles an hour” venture, created in 6 months. Not one to blow my own trumpet (well, maybe on the odd occasion) Hit The Nick has been an unbelievable mash of spontaneous thought, effervescent ideas and complete nonsense (at times)! If you haven’t yet seen the vibrant, glowing wonders of HTN then check out the site! If you’d like to email us with any feedback, send your mail to info@hitthenick.com. We value our customers and their input.


HitTheNick is a free-flowing company, based in Cornwall,  that can now boast (excuse the pun!) a respectable range of popular squash and racketball brands. We  will continue to improve and through all of our design work feel that the evolution of the company is an ongoing process. On the drawing board are some bold, yet fabulous ideas, which seemingly, have crept into the brainbox by what is popularly known as a miracle!

Being a niche site dedicated to the cause, Hit The Nick is partnered with 305 Squash (for performance clothing), PSA Squash TV (for use of hotshots and mega rallies when looking at products) and England Squash & Racketball (offering a healthy 10% discount for all ESR members). We are always on the lookout  to expand our business relationships and build for the future ,so if you would like to link up for the better, get in touch!

……Back to the story in hand.

Hit The Nick has been an exciting challenge for us. The team has been provided  with unrivaled opportunities. Now the light is officially  at the end of the  tunnel, so to speak, it seems that an adventure has just begun. In effect, we’ve warmed up and are now at love all!

Hit The Nick is the product of an unassuming conversation with another like minded squash and now racketball fanatic, Peter Madsen. We mooted the idea of HTN over a coaching session and Peter must take the credit for some of the most pivotal ideas on the site, and the company as a whole. Peter could be described as nothing short of a enthusiastic whirlwind who at 39 years young, is a bounding energy ball, fizzing from one thing to the next! There has definitely never been a dull moment and we look forwards with in trepidation!

6 months passed, in what appears to have been an ecliptic blur of computers, squash, computers, meetings, more computers and phone calls; Hit The Nick has emerged fully functional (bar the odd error message!). In short, a swift learning curve! With plenty of gust in the sails and squash equipment in cargo, we are now working round the clock, to provide the squash & racketball world with a new dynamic.

I’d like to finish with the optimistic message that being a coach, stringer, player ( seems like a distant memory) and now retailer, that the site will be informative, bring quality products to the customer and will be worth the read into the bargain. Look out for some guest posts from the famous and influential along the way, add smatterings of squash brilliance here and there and the HTN Blog will shape up nicely!


Keeping fingers crossed, squash will be in the Olympics by the time I’ve written a few more posts!

Here’s to a bright future with 4 walls and some red lines.



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